Design and production optimization through innovative use of VDC tools

CN3 transforms the architect’s vision, the engineer’s theory and the owner’s wish into constructible reality. Through 3D-5D modelling, we optimize the design and production of complex façade projects – both new build and transformations. We collaborate with all project stakeholders in all project phases. Together with the architect, we develop and optimize the façade design and the detailing is completed in 2D-3D in close collaboration with both the contractor and the engineer. Through a thorough value engineering process, we analyze and optimize the complete façade solution in terms of both interfaces, production, assembly and maintenance.

Based on a detailed constructible model, CN3 delivers complete digital workshop drawings and production specifications for the façade elements. We thereby ensure the constructability of the design, enable modularization and prefabrication, and improve execution methods and logistics management. You receive an efficient façade solution with a high degree of industrialization.

  • Design development aligned with execution methods
  • Geometric optimization and complete façade design
  • Digital production model including full assembly package

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