Digital Management

Project and operations optimization through innovative use of VDC tools.

Large and complex projects bring together many stakeholders and disciplines across all project phases – from design to execution, operations and maintenance. This presents significant communication and coordination challenges. Changes in budgets, time schedules and design throughout the whole process require effective and efficient management in accordance with national ICT standards. CN3 provides efficient construction management through integration and management of the project’s digital infrastructure and 3D-5D models.

As the project VDC manager, CN3 ensures a comprehensive, detailed and real time overview of the project progress. Time and logistics planning, and progress forecasts, developed based on virtual models, provide complete insight into the project and forms a basis for accurate decision making. CN3 provides quality assurance in all project phases, through reviews, quantity take outs, collision and consistency control, snagging, and digital handover. We provide effective management tools for project planning and continuous optimization. At project handover, CN3 prepares models and data to intelligently integrate with asset management systems, enabling smart maintenance with the use of a digital twin – throughout the entire asset lifetime.

  • Implementation of digital tools
  • VDC, Big Data, and Digital Twin
  • Digital documentation and analysis

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