A safe hand to University Hospital Zealand in Køge

University Hospital Køge will be expanded. In relation to this a new laboratory building and a building for nuclear medicine, also called TEO2A, will be established. The contracts is the second largest of the project and consists of 11,500 m2.

CN3 takes on the role of ICT Manager for the Pihl consortium on the complex project, which requires use of many different digital solutions as well as control of requirements and processes.

Effective digital project implementation is in our DNA. We experience great effect of a continuous, proactive, competent ICT and design management based on high construction knowledge and tailor-made digital solutions.

At University Hospital Køge we ensure a solid digital design collaboration between client, contractor and consultants by using the time as an ICT Manager to be a proactive partner who continuously solves the project’s challenges and lets our automated solutions for review, model checks and control, ensure the progress of the project.

CLIENT: Region Zealand
ADVISORS: Sweco, Creo Arkitekter

ICT management