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Ensuring a constructable and optimized project ahead of on-site production

The Port of Vordingborg is increasing the capacity of the existing west port with a new quay and a new larger and deeper dock. This upgrade will make it one of the largest ports on Zealand, and enable it to accommodate ships of up to 200 m. In addition, it will be the main working port for the new Storstrøms Bridge.

The winning contractor, Munck Havne & Anlæg, hired CN3 to conduct quantity verification for wood, steel and concrete structures, as well as for the excavation and filling work. The LOD400-500 model developed by CN3 formed the basis for a thorough review and the design ahead of on-site production – eliminating errors and ensuring constructability.

The model also formed the basis for production drawings for complex steel and concrete elements, incl. cut-&-bend schedules and reinforcement cage design. The model was further used to generate stake-out data and analyze as-built measurements against existing structures and interfaces.

CLIENT: Vordingborg Havn
ENGINEER: M. S. Rosbæk
CONTRACTOR: Munck Havne & Anlæg
AREA: 46,000 m2 quay and back area
PHASE: Execution

3rd Party Control & Optimization
Digital Design & Construction Management
Advanced Modeling
Design Optimization
Methods & Value Engineering
Production Data & Drawings