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Production model for floating student housing in Copenhagen harbor

As a contribution to the ongoing debate on lacking student housing throughout Europe, the Urban Rigger project offers a take on a flexible solution. An Urban Rigger unit consists of a floating concrete ponton, with a total of nine 45-feet containers stacked on top – three on the bottom and six on top. An Urban Rigger weighs more than 600 t and floats on the water. It is tugged to its location in a harbor, or any other protected waters, and fixed to a quay using a custom-designed mooring system.

Urban Rigger engaged CN3 to do a 3D structural model and in the process review the 2D detailed design and coordinate with the architectural and installation projects. From the detailed 3D model, a range of iterations for the final detailed design were made and the overall geometry was adjusted with aesthetics and buildability in mind. From the model CN3 further specified parts lists for the containers and produced cut-&-bend schedules for the concrete rebars. Workshop drawings for concrete geometry and reinforcement was also produced from the model.

CLIENT: Urban Rigger
ENGINEER: Urban Rigger
PHASE: Design

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