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Complex facade project built with prefabricated modules

The Silo project in Copenhagen area, Nordhavn, is a case of remodelling of an old industrial into 40 luxury apartments and public facilities.
Together with Skandinaviska Glassystem CN3 has delivered detailed design and production data for the 252 unique prefabricated elements of the façade. The project was launched with a thorough analysis of the existing construction based on a detailed point cloud scan. The construction turned out to actually be turning 100 mm from bottom to top. The geometrical analysis resulted in the creation of a modified module grid and a detailed adaption of all supports for the existing construction.

An effective design and 3D modelling was secured by automating part of the modelling and drawing generation. This was done in order to accommodate the individual and unique elements following the architectural design and different heights of the stories of the building. The method also ensured the highest possible degree of repetition across elements allowing us to reuse a large number of the components for balconies and main structural components.

Accumulated CN3 has produced more than 3000 drawings and production files for this particular project as well as delivering IKEA like drawings for the prefabrication of the individual façade modules to ensure the highest degree of efficiency.

The Silo is a best practice example of mass customization in construction made possible through a unique and ambitious VDC strategy.

CLIENT: Union Holding
DESIGN: COBE Architects
FACADE CONTRACTOR: Skandinaviska Glassystem
PHASE: Production & construction

Advanced Modeling
Computational Engineering
Design Optimization
Methods & Value Engineering
Production Data & Drawings