Photo by Rasmus Hjorthøj - COAST Photo by Rasmus Hjorthøj - COAST Photo by Rasmus Hjorthøj - COAST

3D puzzle with 1500 pieces

The City and Harbour municipality of Copenhagen wanted to decorate an upcoming public area in the old industrial harbour. The winning project from an open competition, was a concept of four large svartbag seagulls, sitting on the quayside. COBE Architects led the design and realization of the sculptures.

CN3 were invited to transform the conceptual design, in to constructable structures and generate production data for the laser cutting of the uniquely shaped pieces of plywood.

The design was optimized in collaboration with the architect to reach an effective production of the 1500 unique pieces, placed on a total of 180 sheets of plywood. Using a custom-made script, the pieces were created directly from the 3D model. Every single piece was automatically numbered and engraved to ensure an efficient and errorless assembly on site.

The script ensured a minimal use of material – meanwhile maintaining a minimum overlay between neighbouring pieces.

A static analysis of the sculptures has also been carried out, based directly on the 3D model. Data such as weight, centres of gravity and cross sectional properties has been used directly in a parametric setup, allowing a realistic simulation.

Using our competences within 3D modelling, programming and digital production, the four unique sculptures were built by two workmen in one week, with a minimized use of material.

CLIENT: CPH City & Port Development
ARTIST: Kåre Skjerning
PHASE: Design and production

Value Engineering
Advanced Modeling
Detailed Design
Computational Engineering
Production Data & Drawings
Automation & Scripting