Scripting for optimized production in Refshaleøen dry dock

One of Scandinavia’s largest construction projects is currently underway in Stockholm. The old Slussen Lock in central Stockholm is being completely redeveloped to improve rail, water and road traffic flow and prepare the city for sea level rise and increased precipitation. One of the locks is being built on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen and will be towed all the way to Stockholm when completed.

CN3 is assisting the subcontractor in Copenhagen with production plans for the Lock’s massive granite façade, which consists of no less than 100 tons of granite and highly specific design requirements. The façade had to live up to four controlling design parameters:
– a 30/30/40 percent mix of the three different types of granite
– a randomized pattern given by arbitrary lengths
– no identical granite types next to each other
– an overlay of minimum 300 mm

To ensure the efficient handling of the granite slabs, each weighing between 250 – 465 kg, CN3 set up a script to test and find the best placement solution according to a set of weighted design parameters.
The solution ensured that the granite slabs lived up to the design requirements, that they were mounted correctly the first time, and that errors and downtime was minimized. The assembly method was conceived and implemented on site, in close collaboration the subcontractor’s construction crew.

CLIENT: Stockholm Stad
PHASE: Construction

3rd Party Control & Optimization
ICT Management
Digital Construction Management
Advanced Modeling
Production Data & Drawings