3D models of 22 bridges along E22 between Sätaröd and Vä

The Swedish Transport Administration, Trafikverket, is redirecting the E22 motorway north of Tollarp, ​​between Sätaröd and Vä, to reduce traffic in the area. The new section of the motorway will be 15 km long and includes 26 new bridges.

For the consultant, Centerlöf & Holmberg, CN3 has prepared 3D models for the concrete geometry, based on 2D design drawings, which has ensured that the authorities’ requirements were met. CN3 also carried out a design review of the consultant’s design basis in a 3D consistency analysis, which ensured coherent project material. By using scripts, much of this process was automated, saving both time and resources.

CLIENT: Trafikverket
ENGINEER: Centerlöf & Holmberg
PHASE: Design

Advanced modeling