Sustainable renovation in Copenhagen NV

Sustainability is on everyone’s lips, and at CN3 we consider the transformation of our existing building mass an essential component in relation to developing more sustainable cities.

In the renovation project Pulse NV, we play an active role in transforming a dilapidated office property in the northwestern part of Copenhagen into contemporary studio apartments with attractive shared facilities.

Renovation projects require a high degree of coordination. The often unknown prerequisites for the design work often mean large unforeseen costs for design and execution. Through a proactive role as ICT and Project Managers, CN3 helps the project team make decisions on an informed, visual basis.

This is ensured i.a. through execution of virtual mockups and a present BIM-driven design management that drives the project steadily forward based on the project’s BIM models. Our VDC platform Vitus also enables the project team to work actively with the project’s data and models and thereby gain insight into its interfaces, risks, pace of construction and context.

For CN3, sustainability is thus not just about choice of materials and insulation requirements, but just as much about seeing and guiding opportunities to transform existing buildings and thereby save time, materials and workflows for the benefit of both people and the environment.

CLIENT: Park Street Nordicom
CONTRACTOR: Rasmus Friis A/S
ARCHITECT: Panum & Kappel
MEP-ENGINEER: Danish Energy Management


ICT and Design Management
Digitalization BIM and VDC