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Psychiatric Center Ballerup – PCB

Because of our extensive experience with BIM quality assurance and examination, Region Hovedstaden has chosen CN3 to deliver a range of specific ICT services for the project Psychiatric Center Ballerup. These included quality assurance of prepared agreements, work methods, consistency and collision control, as well as quantity verification. The project consists of 1,650 m² of treatment facilities designed by Alex Poulsen Architects and NIRAS.

In accordance with existing ICT requirements, the client has, throughout the design process, maintained demanding standards for BIM work methods among the designers and engineers, in order to ensure efficient coordination between the disciplines and a well-structured database of building components. Furthermore, following the completion of the design, the BIM models have formed the basis for the tender in relation to ’tender from given quantities’.

CN3 has functioned as an independent advisor throughout the various phases and tender. We have delivered technical ICT consulting services to the client, including quality assurance and examination of both ICT documentation and BIM models delivered by the design responsible. The client has received written reports in between all project phases, which have qualified decision making regarding the subsequent steps in the process.

CLIENT: Region Hovedstaden
ARCHITECT: Alex Poulsen Architects
AREA: 1,650 m²
PHASE: All phase changes

3rd Party Control & Optimization
ICT Management