Illustration by Huddinge Kommun - Sweden

100% buildable basis of pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Kungens Kurva – Skärholmen

Trafikverket is building a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge between Månskärsvägen in Kungens kurva and Skärholmsvägen in Stockholm City. The connection will be an important link between the two municipalities and neighborhoods, which is separated by the E4/E20 highway. In addition to this, the bridge will also carry district heating pipes over the highway.

The client Trafikverket, have made a demand in the contract, for the use of 3D models of all concrete- and steel structures to facilitate further coordination, e.g. the design of district heating pipes through the bridge. CN3 have, in close collaboration with the consultant Centerlöf & Holmberg, worked out a LOD 400 model for all concrete- and steel structures. Furthermore, during the execution stage a LOD 500 production model was made for the northern abutment, containing all reinforcement and embedment, from which cutting and bending schedules were generated. By basing the production data for the reinforcement on a consistent 3D production model, a 100% buildable basis and a productive construction process have been achieved. At the same time, sources for error and waste are reduced to a minimum in the production phase, by using a fully digital production basis.

CLIENT: Trafikverket
ENGINEER: Centerlöf & Holmberg
PHASE: Design & construction

Advanced Modeling
Production Data & Drawings