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Point-cloud analysis on Amager Ressource Center (ARC)

A highly complex structure, Amager Ressource Center is a state-of-the-art waste-to-energy plant doubling as an artificial ski slope. CN3 performed as-built verification of part of the pre-fabricated chimney sections, with a combined weight of 420 tons.

Based on a highly accurate 3D laser scan CN3 conducted an analysis to verify the as-built structure and identify any potential structural weaknesses in the steel material. Each of the 2 million points in the point-cloud were compared to the theoretical geometry of the chimney section, and numerical distances were then presented as color plots. These color plots highlight the areas in which predefined tolerances are exceeded and areas in which the chimney is at risk of deformation and buckling.

CN3 has extensive experience  gathering and processing the point-cloud data in accordance with each specific project. These services ensure fast results and improves the basis for critical decisions in the planning and construction phases. At CN3, we develop a bespoke strategy for each project, whether it is construction verification, point-cloud analysis or as-built documentation and digitization.

CLIENT: Amager Ressource Center
ARCHITECT: BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group
PHASE: Design and execution

Digitalization GIS, BIM & VDC
Risk Assessment
3rd Party Control & Optimization