Advanced design made simple

CN3 has carried out geometrical optimization and structural analysis of three unique steel grid-shells, designed by the artist Hans Henrik Øhlers.

The sculptures consist of a grid of rolled steel profiles, assembled on site. The structures are organically shaped and without any straight structural elements.

CN3 developed a script that optimizes the geometry, to ensure that all radial beans have the same radii, without compromising the visual impression of the sculptures. This means the manufacturer only needs to adjust the length of the structural element. This minimizes production costs significantly and eases the assembly on site.

The unique structures have been analyzed in the structural analysis program Autodesk ROBOT, with respect to static and dynamic loads. A unique script has made the transformation of curves from Rhino3D to ROBOT simple.

The client wishes to build more similar structures in the future. The geometric optimization and structural analysis is easily carried out for these structures, since the custom-made scripts can be modified and re-applied.

CLIENT: Municipality of Gladsaxe
ARTIST: Hans Henrik Øhlers
PHASE: Design

Advanced Modeling
Detailed Design
Computational Engineering
Design Optimization
Automation & Scripting