Digital quantity calculations based on drone overflights

Ny Retspsykiatri Sct. Hans in Roskilde includes new and modern facilities covering over 21,000 m² for patients, visitors, and staff in the psychiatric sector. The building, which is close to Roskilde Fjord, has been designed by a total consultancy team led by KHR Architecture and has been built in 16 subcontracts.

CN3 was hired by LM Byg (main structure) and subcontractor ROP (earthworks) to perform detailed quantity calculations on the earthworks before and during the execution. Modeling and calculations provided by CN3 were used to compare current- and tender quantities ensuring the correct basis for the subcontracts.

For the delivery, state-of-the-art 3D modeling tools were used to create a digital basis for the quantity calculations, including excavation and filling during the execution.

The 3D model’s basis was, together with a building model, a digital terrain file over the construction site. This was created via drone overflights and carried out before construction started. With information about the building sites existing conditions, it was possible to make precise modeling of the earthworks containing excavation for construction pits, foundations, piping work, etc. There has been a focus on reflecting practical methods for excavations by implementing several theoretical excavation techniques e.g., excavation depths and slopes.

Data for the digital excavations were collected in a report to visualize the data with illustrations from the model and documentation of the theoretical assumptions. This documentation has helped the contractor get a theoretical overview of the work performed in different excavation phases.

CLIENT: Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri
ARCHITECT: KHR Architecture
CONTRACTOR: LM Byg and others

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