Project Description

Design and documentation for complex façade elements

Ny Oslo Plads by Østerport Station in Copenhagen is undergoing a thorough renovation, which includes the construction of a new story at street level and an office tower of 6 stories.

Skandinaviska Glassystem is responsible for the façade elements and has hired CN3 to develop and design the complex part of the project involving the façade elements with solar shading glass. The elements will be up to 10 meters wide and are designed so that prefabrication, transport and mounting of the elements is fully optimized. By using 3D design throughout the process we are developing a strong platform for the exchange of information between all relevant stakeholders – from architect to manufacturers.

CLIENT: Aberdeen Asset Management
ENGINEER: Skandinaviska Glassystem, CN3
CONTRACTOR: Skandinaviska Glassystem
PHASE: Design

Project management
Optimization of geometry
3D visualization
Technical drawings