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Unique shapes – Systematically produced

At Ny Nørreport Station, Per Aarsleff A/S is building six large roof structures designed as doubly curved concrete shells, supported by a planar steel structure. The unique vertical positions of totally 18.000 fixings, determines the final shape of the concrete shell. Before construction started, the complex shapes have been analyzed and revised in collaboration with the architect, to reach a constructable design.

To be able to position the 18.000 fixings efficiently, the architectural model has been used to create a digital setting out model. By reprogramming the architectural model, the setting out model represents a simplified dataset that is read directly by the surveyor’s total station. Mounting the substructure and the reinforcement has been optimized by the design of a universal laser cut steel fixing.

The fixing can be used in all support points regardless the inclination of the shell in a specific point. Based on a systematic analysis and rationalization of the geometries, the shells have been divided in to parts with similar curvature. This ensures a systematic production of the unique shapes. A set of templates and customized tools were produced in accordance to the different zones. The intersections between the doubly curved concrete shell and adjoining structures and facades, have been handled in the 3D model, to ensure consistency between all deliveries.

Based on a close dialog with the contractor, our tailored digital production solutions, has optimized the construction of the complex shapes.

CLIENT: Municipality of Copenhagen
ENGINEER: Grontmij
CONTRACTOR: Per Aarsleff
PHASE: Design & construction

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