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ICT Management and complete 3D production model for complex structures

ICT Management is the first step to any good construction process. Creating an overview of who is responsible for which deliverables at what time enables a shared understanding and a good foundation. CN3 conducted an analysis for Per Aarsleff, clarifying exactly which interfaces and deliverables were to be handled throughout the project and by whom. This included a detailed analysis of several technical aspects, which file format designs were expected to be received in, which file format and level of detail the contractor should handle models in, and whether specific ICT requirements were met.

For complex in-situ concrete structures, it is an advantage to have a complete understanding of the geometry and reinforcement design before structural work begins on-site. Focusing on constructability, CN3 prepared cut-and-bend specifications for the in-situ stair core.

By engaging the site engineer and foreman, CN3 obtained a thorough understanding of their preferences for working methods, sequencing, and timing to make sense for the overall project execution. This project utilized reinforcement nets, which meant that the optimal handling of these on the construction site was a key focus, along with the minimization of the amount of reinforcement necessary for splicing and anchorage.

To ensure that the engineering work being done to build a constructible 3D model of the reinforcement is utilized, the shop drawings are being produced directly on the basis of the 3D model. This provides consistency and ensures that the constructible solution is delivered where it creates the most value, namely at the construction site where the reinforcement is assembled.

CLIENT: The Danish Building and Property Agency
ARCHITECT: Christensen & Co.
CONTRACTOR: Per Aarsleff
PHASE: Construction

Design Optimization
Methods & Value Engineering
4D/5D Assembly Planning
Production Data & Drawings