Towards a higher-level of outcome through digitalization

Digitalization is a complex challenge that requires focus and determination to generate sustaining value and outcomes. In 2018, The Copenhagen Metro (Metroselskabet) decided to accelerate the digitalization effort by partnering with CN3 to build a strong business case and implementation plan for digitalization to mature and extend capabilities from the owner perspective.

The ambition was to bring Metroselskabet to the forefront of digital value creation and development. In collaboration with KPMG, CN3 delivered a maturity assessment and a roadmap for implementation for Metroselskabet, specifying a plan to fulfill their current and future business needs. The implementation planning included a framework for new constructions, operation, and administration. Based on the framework, along with an AS-IS and TO-BE analysis and associated financial estimation, CN3 determined specific efforts for new processes, training requirements, software solutions and implementation activities.

The implementation framework and planning enabled Metroselskabet to obtain the necessary understanding to move forward by specifying requirements for future tendering and functional elements to embark on an outcome-based journey towards accelerated BIM-maturity and LER-Compliancy.