Cut-and-cover tunnel in Gothenburg, Sweden

As part of the infrastructure development in the city of Gothenburg in Sweden, Marieholmstunnel is a new 500 m road tunnel linking the city to the island of Hissingen.

During the execution stage, CN3 has carried out the detailed 3D model of the geometrically complex cut-and-cover part on the west side of the tunnel. The cut-and-cover sections span approximately 32 m in width and 10 m in height, following a curved alignment and different directions at the opening. The detailed model was used for digital fabrication of reinforcement bars and cut-and-bend schedules.

To ensure an efficient communication and information flow between the many teams located throughout Europe, an efficient communication workflow was established for the entire detailing process.

In order to be able to detail a complex and buildable 3D model based on the 2D drawings, many technical challenges were solved during the modelling process. Addressing these challenges in the virtual modelling process saved time and resources in the overall execution stage.

The most complex section of the cut-and-cover section was the westbound opening, which has a double curved roof. The reinforcement had to follow the curved geometry and at the same time be well coordinated and buildable on site. The solution implemented by CN3 significantly reduced the number of unique reinforcement bars, keeping the waste of materials to a minimum.

The Mariehlomstunnel project emphasized the importance of achieving complex geometric shapes in a productive building process with minimum waste and maximized value.

CLIENT: Trafikverket
PHASE: Design & construction

Advanced modelling
Detailed design