Upgrading of facilities at the Marine Biological Laboratory

The laboratory, located at Strandpromenaden 5, 3000 Helsingør, consists of two buildings, which have been gradually expanded in line with the laboratory’s growth throughout the 1960’s. The offices and laboratories were originally mixed across the two buildings, but following the upgrade they will be separated allowing for all technical equipment to be gathered on the roof of the laboratory building.

Large parts of the buildings are outdated, as they have not been refurbished since they were built. Thus, a substantial part of the assignment relates to the upgrading of existing laboratories. Each laboratory will be adapted to specific needs and requirements, and all laboratories and seminar rooms will be upgraded to enable GMO1 classification.

As part of the renovation, existing laboratories will become wheelchair accessible and both the laboratories and the Øresund Aquarium will be equipped with wheelchair accessible restrooms.

The building program has been developed in close collaboration with the client and the daily users of the buildings.

The detailed design is in accordance with existing ICT regulations. 3D digitalization of all existing, visible building components has been conducted using laser surveying. The building is subsequently modelled in 3D and includes all relevant object data as required by ICT regulations.

Quantity takeout in relation to tenders has been a key focus in the modelling.

CLIENT: The Danish Building and Property Agency
ARCHITECT: Rørbæk og Møller Arkitekter
AREA: 1100 m²
PHASE: Building operation

3D modelling
LOD 2-3
Collision control
Meta data on objects
Classification of objects
Database for quantities
Analysis and simulations