Digitization of existing buildings and inventory

BIM models of existing buildings represent a valuable source of information for building owners and administrators.

CN3 has in collaboration with Rørbæk & Møller Arkitekter, delivered a BIM model of an 8000m2 university building used for laboratory facilities. The building is four storeys high and includes a two-storey basement, a curved facade and multiple kinds of facade types.

The BIM model is based on the original 2D drawings supplemented by registration on site. The model is delivered at Information level 2-3 and includes loadbearing structures, stairways, balconies, facades and lab equipment. The lab equipment was modelled at a very high level of detail, which provides valuable information to the university about amounts of specific equipment and inventory.

All building elements have been classified according to SFB, so that the elements contain information about material, function, placement etc. This allows the client to easily extract information from the model sorted by specific parameters. The rooms in the building have been equipped with room numbers and information about size and functionality. The BIM model is to be used as basis for future renovation and refurbishment projects. Together with the BIM model the client received 2D plan drawings extracted from the model and a comprehensive set of data about rooms and inventory.

CLIENT: University of Copenhagen
ARCHITECT: Rørbæk & Møller Arkitekter
PHASE: Building operation

Portfolio management
Advanced modelling
Detailed design