Project Description

Geometric clarification prior to execution

In relation to the Electrification of the Railway line Køge Nord-Næstved, four new bridges (Lot 1.) are constructed for Banedenmark. The contractor Aarsleff Rail A/S have hired CN3 to perform cutting & bending schedules, workshop drawings for reinforcement, as well as setting out data based on the 3D production models for the four geometrically challenging bridge decks. By basing production data for reinforcement, as well as setting out data on the detailed 3D models, a 100% buildable basis and a productive building process is achieved.

The 3D models are based on 2D geometry and reinforcement drawings from the tender. Due to the relatively high geometric complexity of the bridge decks, the work on developing the 3D models has raised a number of questions to the design team. By clarifying these matters in the virtual model instead of in the field, the bridges can be built based on a well-coordinated and buildable basis. This reduces the number of technical queries in the execution stage and eliminates waiting time in the field.

The 3D production models have been used to provide a fully digital production basis for reinforcement. By extracting CNC cut & bend from the model, the waste and the potential sources of error have been reduced to a minimum.

CN3 has provided detailed workshop drawings for the reinforcement work on the bridge decks. The drawings are based directly on the constructible 3D model, ensuring complete consistency between the shown and the delivered reinforcement.

Setting out data and basis for producing rafters are also based on the 3D model, which ensures the overall consistency throughout the entire execution stage.

CLIENT: Banedanmark
PHASE: Design and construction

3D production model
Design review
Collision control
CNC cut-&-bend
Workshop drawings for reinforcement
Stakeout data