Constructible and optimized design through 3D modelling

The TP10 bridge is part of a series of bridges along the new railway line built by Banedanmark between Copenhagen and Ringsted. The TP10 bridge runs across Fæstningskanalen just outside Copenhagen.

For the contractor developed a comprehensive 3D production model, including geometry, reinforcement and tension cables as well as 2D workshop drawings. The reinforcement was optimized to avoid collisions with the tension cables and at the same time ensure constructability.
Due to the special design of the bridge and the large amount of reinforcement that had to be handled and fit between other elements of the bridge, a wide range of issues had to be clarified ahead of and throughout execution, to avoid any delays on site.

The 3D model served as a basis for understanding and solving the issues that might have otherwise appeared on site and it offered a clear perspective for all parts involved. CN3’s contribution ensured a constant workflow on site and a buildable solution.

ffektivt og stabilt workflow på pladsen.

CLIENT: Banedanmark
PHASE: Design and Execution

3rd Party Control & Optimization
Advanced modeling
Design Optimization
Methods & Value Engineering
Production Data & Drawings