Constructible design through dialog and thorough 3D modelling

Banedanmark is building two railway bridges and three support walls on the new railway line between Copenhagen and Ringsted. The contractor, Arkil A/S, hired CN3 to deliver 3D production models, that integrates all requirements from the structural design team, in fully constructible 3D models.

The 3D models are based on 2D reinforcement drawings and 3D geometrical models from the tender project. Because of the complex reinforcement design, the 3D modelling work has raised a series of questions reagrding the design that has been clarified before construction start. By clarifying these questions in the virtual model instead of on the construction site, the structures can be built on a fully constructible basis. This minimizes the number of ROIs during construction and the time spent waiting for information on site.

The 3D production model has been used as a fully digital production basis for all steel reinforcement. By using CNC cut-&-bend, the reinforcement manufacturer reduces material waste to a minimum.

The reinforcement design has been divided in to prefabricated modules, assembled off-site. In a dialog between the design team, CN3, the contractor and the manufacturer the optimal size and geometry is determined. CN3 has delivered workshop drawings for all concrete structures and reinforcement bars. The drawings were produced from the constructible 3D model, providing a fully coordinated basis for construction.

CLIENT: Banedanmark
ENGINEER: Grontmij
PHASE: Design and construction

3D production model
Integrated Project Delivery
Design review
Quantity calculation
Collision control
Prefabrication of reinforcement cages
Workshop drawings for reinforcement