Industrialization of reinforcement deliverables

In the period from 2014-2016, Banedanmark constructed a new double track railway line between Copenhagen and the city of Ringkøbing. TP30, the section between Winthersmindevej and Vallensbæk Sø, constituted a particularly complex passage across Ring Road 4. The contractor, CG Jensen, engaged CN3 to provide value engineering and production optimization services.

Due to a tight time schedule and difficult logistics conditions, detailed planning ahead of execution was key. Through detailed modelling and industrialization, CN3 was able to significantly optimize the construction process.

CN3 reviewed and optimized the concrete design by developing a detailed 3D model, which included concrete geometry, reinforcement, casting embeds, and interim structures. This production model formed the basis for a detailed analysis of assembly method, material weight and relevant dimensions for welded reinforcement cages. Continuous evaluation of budgetary consequences of specific design choices was carried out in 5D.

A high degree of prefabrication was made possible by the detailed production model, and many welded reinforcement cages were produced directly from the model in the factory. In addition, CN3 delivered assembly instructions for the welded sections to be assembled on the construction site with traditional cut-and-bent rebar.

In close collaboration with the contractor and rebar producer, CN3 managed to reach 75% prefabrication for the reinforcement solutions. This industrialization led to a significant improvement in productivity, as the majority of the reinforcement modules were welded off-site in a controlled environment, while the remining preparations took place simultaneously on the construction site.

CLIENT: Banedanmark
PHASE: Design and construction

3D production model
Design review
Quantity calculations
Collisions control
Prefabrication of reinforcement cages
CNC cut-&-bend
Workshop drawings for reinforcements