4D requirements in the tender phase

In 2017 and 2018, the existing rail tracks and railroad switches between the Danish cities of Klampenborg and Helsingør will undergo reconstruction and renewal. The logistics of the switch replacement switches is central, as the sequence has great influence on the machinery operating on the tracks. The stations between the two cities vary significantly in terms of number of switches; with 23 switches, Helsingør Station is most complex.

To ensure that the logistics is handled efficiently by the bidding parties, Banedanmark has, as part of the tender requirements, requested that a 4D simulation of the work for one of the less complex stations to be conducted as part of the bid.

To accommodate this requirement, one contractor, Strukton Rail A/S, has hired CN3 to provide visualizations of a 4D simulation for Skodsborg Station. Primarily based on models from the tender material, a terrain model along the alignment was developed, which in turn formed the basis for the development of a range of visualizations of work sequencing and time schedule in close collaboration with the tender team.

CLIENT: Banedanmark
CONTRACTOR: Strukton Rail, MJE
PHASE: Tender

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