Illustration by DISSING+WEITLING Illustration by DISSING+WEITLING

Construction in complex surroundings

The Götaälvbridge from 1939 is a central element for the traffic in The City of Gothenburg. Hisingsbroen, a new vertical lift bridge will be constructed next to the existing bascule bridge. The existing bridge will be demolished in different phases as the car and tram traffic is moved to the new bridge. The four-lane highway E45, which crosses through the alignment of both bridges must be kept open during the entire construction period, additionally the junction at Gothenburg Central Station must be kept open for traffic during this same period. This transforms the traffic diversion to a complicated and key part of the project.

The joint venture led by NCC Infrastructure hired CN3 to supply VDC services in connection with the bid on the design & build contract. Design coordination has been carried out in the 4D platform as well as 3D-material for method statements to highlight and visualize the unique construction methods chosen. The services have also contributions to the aggregate value of the bid in the area of risk management and project execution. CN3 has prepared a full LOD 200 model of the terrain, rock level, seabed, existing and new constructions in a complete urban model.

CLIENT: Göteborgs Stad
ENGINEER: COWI, Arup, Centerlöf & Holmberg
PHASE: Tender

Risk Assessment
Project Strategy & Tender