Prefabrication of complex structures using detailed modeling

The European Spallation Source (ESS) builds new facilities for research and development, e.g., within neutron cleavage using accelerators. The construction is expected to finish in 2025. The facilities are in Lund, Sweden, and extends over just over 1 km² in building stock. The project will be one of the largest infrastructure projects of its kind, with many stakeholders and contributors from organizations spread around the world.

The Dutch element supplier, Byldis, hired CN3 to transform the design basis of the concrete elements into a production basis for a section of the large construction project. CN3 produced a 3D production model based on 2D drawings and descriptions. This was used to prepare working drawings and cut-and-bend schedules for the factory producing the elements and montage plans for the construction site. The detailed production model also made it possible to do a clarification process to optimize the element delivery.

Furthermore, CN3 assisted with the design and structural calculations for several stabilizing concrete elements situated in a part of the building area with interfaces to, e.g., steel structures and foundations. This was done in close collaboration with consulting engineers, Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson.

Byldis delivered in collaboration with CN3 high-quality concrete elements with coordinated interfaces for efficient installation on site. The ability to make design clarifications early before the elements are produced created great value and reduced challenges during assembly.

CLIENT: European Spallation Source
ARCHITECT: Henning Larsen Architects

3rd Party Control and Optimization
ICT Management
Advanced modeling
Detailed design
Production Data & Drawings