Point-cloud analysis of a one-of-a-kind wind tunnel at DTU Risø

Poul la Cour Vindtunnel at DTU Risø is one of the largest university owned wind tunnels in the world. The wind tunnel enables combined measurements of aerodynamics and noise. This, combined with the large size and high flow rates, makes the tunnel one-of-a-kind and presents specific requirements to the design and accuracy in the execution. A 10-meter-long and 9-meter-wide steel contraction and a 22-meter-long concrete diffuser together constitute the most critical parts of the wind tunnel.

CN3 has performed the analysis of the large amounts of point-cloud data collected from a detailed 3D laser scan. The point-cloud data consisted of more of than 1.5 billion points with a tolerance of a few millimeters. CN3 developed an algorithm which processed the raw data by comparing the points with the theoretical geometry, discarding outliers and visualizing deviations in a color plot. From these color plots we generated a series of drawings detailing where bumps and holes needed smoothening for the contraction and diffuser to live up to the high tolerance requirements.

CN3 has extensive experience processing detailed 3D laser scans as well as efficiently analyzing point-cloud data according to specific project requirements. These analyses form the optimal basis for critical decision making in both the planning and execution phases.

CLIENT: Technical University of Denmark
ARCHITECT: Rørbæk & Møller Arkitekter
DESIGN: Fluid Thinking and CREO Dynamics
PHASE: Design and execution

3rd Party Control & Optimization