Complete 3D production model for technically complex structure

At this very complicated structure CN3 has assisted the contractor CG Jensen to make the project buildable, as well as designing and doing the structural design of the temporary structures that hold the vertical tendons throughout the different casting stages.
The new reaction wall at the Technical University of Denmark Villum Center is a very complicated structure to be used in experiments for Advanced Structural and Material Testing. The nature of the experiments means that the structure must be very stiff and rigid, and for this reason there is a very large number of tendons in all directions in the structure.

The combination of the large number of tendons, together with the large number of cast-in embeds for experimental equipment installation, and the reinforcement, means this structure has many interfaces that require solving, thereby ensuring an efficient construction process at the building site. To ensure the tendons are clear of each other in the different directions and that they do not collide with cast-in embeds for experimental assembly which has a very high accuracy, has been a challenging task. When these areas have been solved, the next job was to ensure that the tendon anchor heads and related reinforcement combined with the main reinforcement was buildable and did not collide.

Construction sequence dictates that the vertical tendons had to be held in their final placement in full length, from the first to last casting. With this in mind CG Jensen asked CN3 to design do the structural project of the temporary structure to keep the vertical tendons in the correct place. The temporary structure was designed to take the inner and outer formwork, cast-in embeds and tendons into account, throughout the different concrete castings.

The total service package CN3 has done on the project, in collaboration with CG Jensen, has ensured effective execution of the project. Collisions of the large number of tendons, with reinforcement, and cast-in tubes and the temporary were handled and corrected. The 3D production model was also used for extraction of quantities. Everything from surfaces, reinforcement, tendons etc. have been commissioned from the model data.

To ensure that the building was carried out as it is modelled, CN3 has helped CG Jensen to equip the workmen on the construction site with iPad so they have effectively been able to see complex areas of the construction directly on the construction site, without going through 2D drawings or having to go to the office to talk to the site engineers.

ARCHITECT: Juul | Frost

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