Project Description

Design and system development for digital fabrication

CREE Denmark designs and builds buildings using an Austrian building system, CREE, with a patented combination of glulam and concrete in prefabricated facade and deck modules. The system allows for a swift execution and closure of a building, and a much lower carbon footprint than, for example, concrete.

For a specific project, CN3 has developed a fully detailed design. Through a holistic design process, taking into account optimization of the building system and its components, we developed a detailed 3D production model, forming the basis for digital fabrication of all building elements.

The model was continuously used for 3D visualizations and drawings for the project authorization. It is thus a cutting-edge example of how traditional discipline silos can be broken down and work can be integrated across the value chain. This provides the client with a well-planned and thoroughly designed building.

CLIENT: Kollekollevej ApS
ARCHITECT: Tue Elskaer
PHASE: Design

Project Strategy & Tender
ICT Management
Innovative Project Methods
Detailed Design
Methods & Value Engineering