LOD 3 as-built models

BIM models of existing buildings constitute a valuable source of information for building owners and managers. Many public and private building managers are opting to digitize existing or newly renovated building stock, in order to optimize operations and maintenance and to form a sound basis for future renovations.

On the Århus Courthouse renovation project, the client required a comprehensive as-built BIM model upon delivery. For the building owner and manager, CN3 has conducted cross-disciplinary consistency control and modeling of new installations to bips information level 3.

Based on 2D plumbing, ventilation and electrical systems drawings, CN3 modeled the as-built model for the main contractor on the project, Enemærke og Petersen.

CLIENT: Bygningsstyrelsen
ARCHITECT: H+ Arkitekter
DESIGN: Tækker Rådgivende Ingeniører
CONTRACTOR: Enemærke & Petersen
AREA: 4.200 m²
PHASE: Project delivery

Digitalization GIS, BIM & VDC
Digital Asset Management
Regenerative Digitalization
Digital Operations