Closer cooperation in the execution phase with the use of BIM

Copenhagen International School in Nordhavn consists of 25,000 m2 and has been built with a targeted focus on the usage of BIM models in the execution phase. The project is built by four main contractors, and CN3 has handled the coordination and visualization of the consulting engineers’ and contractors’ digital models. The result was a more transparent building process, improved collaboration among all involved parties, and increased flexibility to change contract forms.

The complete BIM model was used to extract quantities for the different sub-contractors, while the models for each discipline has been used to illustrate the exact state of the project and track progress on site. By adding time and budget dimensions to the model, both the project owner and the contractors were presented with a unique overview, and the opportunity to run a tighter schedule and budget – and not least reduce risk.

CN3’s weekly update of the complete BIM model, consisting of 202,150 digital objects, during the project contributed to a unique overview and a foundation for informed decision making by the contractors. Furthermore, the model contributed to identifying the critical interfaces to ensure that they were handled and planned thoroughly, thereby reducing the errors in the execution phase. The complex structures and joints were identified and optimized by constructing the project virtually in collaboration with the implicated parties, and the BIM model has been a natural focal point in the interdisciplinary decision making.

Several system deliveries and building components have been specified from the BIM model which also forms the basis for the 6D model delivered to the project owner.