Irregular shapes – systematically produced

Reykjavík Department of Environment and Planning is expanding the combined kindergarten and primary school in Úlfarsárdalur. The school will be expanded with a culture house, library, sports hall, and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. Stage 5 consisted of several outdoor pools, as well as associated technical rooms.

Stage 5 was carried out by Munck Iceland, in collaboration with the Munck Group, who hired CN3 to carry out a complete production model LOD400-500. The model formed the basis for a thorough examination and clarification of the design before production start-up – and ensured the project’s buildability. At the same time, the model was a tool for planning the execution concepts.

CN3 developed, in collaboration with the executing team, a formwork system consisting of available standard materials (plates and rafters), which ensures precise casting of the irregular geometry. It was crucial for the subsequent tiling work that the formwork does not deform during casting. The complex geometry was systematically broken down in the 3D model. Production drawings and parts lists were prepared for all parts of the formwork system. In short, the irregular shapes were made systematic in the developed formwork system.

Likewise, all reinforcement was included in the 3D model, which formed the basis for generating cut-and-bend schedules and workshop drawings for the reinforcement. Combining the complex reinforcement with the formwork system in one model was crucial to comply with the reinforcement’s tolerances to the complex shape.

CLIENT: Reykjavík Miljø- og planlægningsafdeling
CONTRACTOR: Munck Gruppen / Munck Island

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