Project Description

Increased production rates through VDC implementation

The time, economy and quality triangle has been improved significantly by a thorough value engineering process using the Virtual Design & Construction paradigm. The contractors are forced to look for optimizations of their on-site production in order to improve time and economy. With VDC and value engineering implemented, this goal can be achieved. This has once again been the case for NS20, a project including a 750m concrete tunnel for railway with an interface to an existing bridge and an adjacent tunnel.

Furthermore, risks to delays in the production on the construction site were addressed at an early stage. The contractor’s method and site engineers as well as the design team worked closely around CN3´s 3D platform to develop a system of prefabricated cages. The cages are produced on and off-site, to minimize risk, and a detailed assembly model ensured a common understanding of the individual components and an efficient assembly process. A full integration of the reinforcement logistics integrated with BIM has been deployed on this project, where the participants control the flow through one platform developed by CN3. On-site engineers receive relevant data and 3D models on iPads that are being utilized on-site.

CLIENT: Stockholm City
DESIGN: Centerlöf & Holmberg
PHASE: Design & construction

Design review
Quantity calculation
Rationalization of geometry
LOD 400-500
Concrete formwork
CNC cut-&-bend
Stake out data
Concrete structures
Point-cloud based 3D models
Interface management
Logistics management