How do we ensure that we get all the value out of digitalization on large infrastructure projects? How can we embed efficient execution methods into the design to obtain a competitive manufacturing and execution process that allows you to differentiate? An organizational reorganization involving a session and platform-based framework could lead us to the future!

Large infrastructure projects require organizational excellence to deliver value when digitizing and automating core processes. Typically, large infrastructure projects are different than structural building projects due to their low degree of system and pre-fabrication elements. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain full alignment between design decisions and methods engineering into every little detail to deliver efficient and profitable execution excellence.

The vast possibilities that digital technologies enable for organizations prove that nothing is impossible. Digital technologies continue to fascinate and inspire us. Perhaps it has driven you to initiate the digital transformation of your organization. That is the first step of your digital journey.

However, the many possibilities and well-structured platforms can sometimes blind you from the actual benefits digital technologies can give you, and it will require much more of you than merely an integration of digital tools. For example, to establish efficient design and execution for large infrastructure projects, a VDC session plan is imperative as it will capture the benefits from automation and design workflow sessions.

Large infrastructure projects involve many stakeholders, project participants, and delivery organizations – typically organized in a hierarchical organizational structure. This structure makes it difficult to share data and collaborate in a digital design and execution environment due to numerous and continuous design and value engineering sessions. On the other hand, a session-based organizational structure without the hierarchical structure will require an enormous change management effort, diluting project focus.

Instead, there is excellent potential to rethink how you organize the project where you apply a session-based framework tailored for each design and execution stage to a hierarchical structure. This allows the necessary business processes and associated technologies required to be available in a customized project model. To take full advantage of the digital technologies, you must start re-designing workflows in sessions and offer a platform that supports session-based collaboration for the entire value chain.

This reorganization will require you to build an agile VDC session plan including organizational aspects and frameworks, tailored VDC workflows for infrastructure automation, an open VDC-platform, integration to existing business systems and infrastructure. You will then be able to unlock the collective benefits for the entire workforce and see the accelerated benefits and the transformational impact of digitalization – providing a strong business case for the future.

Fueling the hierarchical structure with a session and platform framework could empower your organization to perform even more and release the potential of digitalization, BIM, and VDC on large infrastructure projects. When do you plan on getting the advantages of digital technologies?