Anders Bomann Christensen began his journey in the building industry as a carpenter apprentice in Nørre Lyndelse in Funen. Recently he finished his degree in Architectural Engineering and was employed full-time at CN3. CN3 and the employees are pioneers in digitalization and parametric design in construction projects.

Therefore, Anders Bomann is a part of the specialist group that works with automating 3D models and building processes at large construction projects in Denmark and around Europe.

Anders Bomann Christensen started his carrier in another place in the building process as a carpenter apprentice in Nørre Lyndelse in Funen where he grew up. From the beginning, the plan was to further the education as a carpenter.

CN3 – teachers in DTU paved the way

Anders Bomann Christensen chose to study to become a construction engineer. While studying  at DTU, he was acquainted with his present workplace. In the subject furthered BIM for construction engineering, CCO Jacob Drachmann from CN3 among others teach the students in parametric design and the newest digital tools and processes in construction.

“ in the class, there was room for exchange of ideas, and my interest was captured by the digital approach to construction. When my interest was first awakened, I was ready to do everything to pursue that way”– Anders Bomann says. Thereafter he threw himself at subjects, as programming and data processing, data management and atomization, algorithm and data structure. And later he strengthened his relation to CN3 as a trainee.

Software, 4-D models, and advisory for construction companies

As a construction engineer, Anders Bomann now joins the CN3’s team full time, which in collaboration with business consultants and software developers creates software. Services and digitalized processes to optimize the construction industry’s processes, production, and operating. Although the tasks are a lot more complex, he can still draw from his experience and time as a carpenter apprentice.

“ When we do 4D simulations it is often me who is asked for advice concerning the construction rate. It is very practical to know in detail how to set up vapor barriers for example. It is also an advantage to possess an understanding of the way you think at the construction site. “

In his first project as a full-time employee Anders Bomann Christensen, is working at a larger tunnel project, where he is responsible for the atomization of the project’s data exchange with CN3’s software platform Vitus.

Digitalization betters the constructions projects of the future

Anders sees it as a determinant for his future work life that he was introduced to a digital approach to building design, construction, and processes during this education.

“The subjects which CN3s teachers were responsible for is the best opportunity I had at DTU to be educated in the parametric approach to generate building models. It is necessary to enable innovation in the future of construction – he says and continues:

“ I hope that more construction engineers in the future will be educated to be great experts in digitization and atomization. It will give us opportunities to create efficient solutions and innovative architecture – with prefabricated elements. We can also optimize the building process and minimize the risk of expensive and delaying mistakes. That is what we need to secure as construction engineers.

“ Right now, I am excited to be a part of the building of CN3’s coming and future software platforms. I feel privileged to have landed in the exact place I wanted to be. There is no other in the country than CN3 who advises in the application of digital tools in all the phases of construction projects and at the same time developing software. Therefore, it is difficult for me to imagine a more interesting workplace.