The Brand and Vision

At CN3 we are pursuing a dream. We want to build a company and a team that will change the world. Well, at least change the way we build.

Innovation is at the core of our company – we want to make construction great by making the complex buildable through the use of innovative methods and technologies.

We want to lead the 4th industrial revolution in construction. CN3 wants to be the partner you come to with complex construction projects, resting assured that we are ahead of the technological development, so you don’t have to be.

We are experts in project and production optimization bringing innovation to the industry by bridging construction and technology. Engaging us enables you to undertake complex projects and to solve them cost-effectively with innovative methods and a high degree of digital fabrication.

The Places and People

We are a team of highly specialized engineers with professional experience from all parts of the construction value chain. We contribute to research on the newest technologies and teach the future engineers at the Technical University of Denmark. Our founder and CEO, Rolf Carlsen, has 25 years of experience working with design and production optimization and implementation of virtual design and construction across organizations and on complex projects.


Lottenborgvej 26
2800 Kgs. Lyngby
T: +45 7023 3320


Frihamnsplatsen 1
201 20 Malmø
T: +46 40 616 1060